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Recent Issues:

June 2024 – Happy 100 Gila Wilderness, Moths, 30 Something Grant, New Earth Kids, Co-op Round Up, Eco Camp, Children’s Water Festival, Climate Plan

May 2024 – Give Grandly, New Earth Kids, Citizen Science, Moths, Ring of Fire, Wolves

April 2024 – Citizen Science, New Earth Project, Earth Day, Give Grandly, Gila Centennial, Moths

March 2024 – Legacy Fund, Keep Gila River Wild, New Earth Project Highlights, New Earth Project classroom online, New Earth Kids, Earth Day, Caldera Pack

February 2024 – USDA Grant Recipient, Using our Living Earth, Gila Natural History Symposium, Native Plant Society of NM grant, Aldo Leopold!

January 2024 – Happy 100th Birthday Gila Wilderness, Speak Out LOE, Feral Cattle, Mexican Gray Wolves!

December 2023 – New Earth Project, Podcast, New Earth Kids, Co-op Roundup, Citizen Science!

November 2023 – Annual Meeting, Johnson-Su Workshop, Climate Change, Bears!

October 2023 – Farewell to Donna, Annual Meeting, Field Day, Outdoor Equity Award, New Earth Kids!

September 2023 – Display at Library, Climate March, Summer Vacation!

August 2023 – Kids in the Gila, Become a Citizen Scientist, The Heat Is On!

July 2023 – Citizen Science, Brave the Wild River author Melissa Sevigny, New Earth Kids!

June 2023 – Children’s Water Festival, Eco Camp, and more!

May 2023 – Give Grandly, New Funding, and more!

April 2023 – New Earth Kids, Workshops, Give Grandly and Spring Flowers!

March 2023 – New Earth Project, New Earth Kids, Johnson-Su Bioreactor Workshop, Feral Cattle Update, Introductory Wildlife Tracking, Wetlands Survey, Javelinas

February, 2023 – New Earth Project, New Earth Kids, Feral Cattle Update, Tracking Field Trip, The Mighty Cottonwood

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Spring 2024

Wild & Scenic
Springs Spotlight
Growing Up in Gila
New Earth Project
Citizen Science

Fall 2023

Meet the New Staff
New Earth Project
New Earth Education
Kids in the Gila
Miyawaki Reforestation
Adair Springs
Donna’s Farewell

Spring 2023

Planting Trees Should Be a Priority
New Look! Same Great Product!
The New Earth Project Keeps Growing!
Syntropic Agriculture: A New Old Story
But WAIT, There’s More!

Fall 2022

Why Wild and Scenic?
Citizen Science, Gila-style
New Earth Project
Eco-Camp: An Immersive Experience
Thinking ON a Mountain
The Children’s Water Festival Returns!
UGWA Board Member Candidates

Spring/Summer 2022

  • Gila River Update
  • The Return of the Air Force
  • Silver City Carboneers
  • Thinking ON a Mountain

Fall/Winter 2021

  • Gila River Update
  • UGWA Turns 25
  • The Gila: America’s First Wilderness River
  • A Long Engagement Period: Plans and People
  • Thinking ON a Mountain
  • What’s a Climathon?
  • Eco Camp & Climate Club
  • Tamarisks and Trails
  • Gila River Festival Presentation

Spring/Summer 2021

  • UGWA Joins the 21st Century
  • Horned Lizard Joy
  • Savoring Sweet Success
  • All Gila, All the Time
  • Tamarisks and Trails
  • Native Is Best
  • Gila River Diversion – Dead In The Water!
  • Climate Change Brings Opportunities

Fall 2020

  • One Step Closer to Permanent Protection for the Gila River
  • A Personal Pandemic Note
  • Rock Bottom
  • Sometimes the Good Guys and Gals Win!
  • In Pursuit of the Wild Meadow Jumping Mouse
  • Salt Cedar Eradication
  • Biodiversity—Bring It On!

Spring 2020

  • Gila National Forest Draft Plan- Part 1: The Problem
  • Part 2: The Solution
  • Conclusion
  • Summary
  • Species of Conservation Concern

Spring 2019

  • The Next Generation Steps Up
  • Tipping Points
  • M. H. “Dutch” Salmon
  • Juliana v U. S. Continues
  • Informing the Air Force
  • 15th Annual Gila River Festival
  • Governor Lujan Grisham Makes Good On Her Word
  • We’re Number One!
  • Wild and Scenic Rivers

Fall 2018

  • Mission Not Yet Accomplished
  • Approaching the End of the Tunnel
  • Children’s Water Festival and the Healing Power of Nature
  • Nuestro Gila
  • Wild About Wilderness
  • Gila River Festival: 14 Years
  • Gila Wild and Scenic River Designation
  • The Good Work Continues
  • Thinking ON a Mountain: An Update
  • Let Our Nation’s Youth Be Heard

Spring 2018

  • The Heat Is On—and You Can Help Turn It Down
  • F-16s Over the Gila
  • Springtime Santa: Apply Here
  • The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same
  • Gila Forest Plan Revision
  • Restoring the River
  • Trust Our Children 1
  • Earth Day 2018
  • Who Are All These Groups  ith “Gila” in Their Names?!