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Recent Issues:

August 2023 – Kids in the Gila, Become a Citizen Scientist, The Heat Is On!

July 2023 – Citizen Science, Brave the Wild River author Melissa Sevigny, New Earth Kids!

June 2023 – Children’s Water Festival, Eco Camp, and more!

May 2023 – Give Grandly, New Funding, and more!

April 2023 – New Earth Kids, Workshops, Give Grandly and Spring Flowers!

March 2023 – New Earth Project, New Earth Kids, Johnson-Su Bioreactor Workshop, Feral Cattle Update, Introductory Wildlife Tracking, Wetlands Survey, Javelinas

February, 2023 – New Earth Project, New Earth Kids, Feral Cattle Update, Tracking Field Trip, The Mighty Cottonwood

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Spring 2023

Planting Trees Should Be a Priority
New Look! Same Great Product!
The New Earth Project Keeps Growing!
Syntropic Agriculture: A New Old Story
But WAIT, There’s More!

Fall 2022

Why Wild and Scenic?
Citizen Science, Gila-style
New Earth Project
Eco-Camp: An Immersive Experience
Thinking ON a Mountain
The Children’s Water Festival Returns!
UGWA Board Member Candidates

Spring/Summer 2022

  • Gila River Update
  • The Return of the Air Force
  • Silver City Carboneers
  • Thinking ON a Mountain

Fall/Winter 2021

  • Gila River Update
  • UGWA Turns 25
  • The Gila: America’s First Wilderness River
  • A Long Engagement Period: Plans and People
  • Thinking ON a Mountain
  • What’s a Climathon?
  • Eco Camp & Climate Club
  • Tamarisks and Trails
  • Gila River Festival Presentation

Spring/Summer 2021

  • UGWA Joins the 21st Century
  • Horned Lizard Joy
  • Savoring Sweet Success
  • All Gila, All the Time
  • Tamarisks and Trails
  • Native Is Best
  • Gila River Diversion – Dead In The Water!
  • Climate Change Brings Opportunities

Fall 2020

  • One Step Closer to Permanent Protection for the Gila River
  • A Personal Pandemic Note
  • Rock Bottom
  • Sometimes the Good Guys and Gals Win!
  • In Pursuit of the Wild Meadow Jumping Mouse
  • Salt Cedar Eradication
  • Biodiversity—Bring It On!

Spring 2020

  • Gila National Forest Draft Plan- Part 1: The Problem
  • Part 2: The Solution
  • Conclusion
  • Summary
  • Species of Conservation Concern

Spring 2019

  • The Next Generation Steps Up
  • Tipping Points
  • M. H. “Dutch” Salmon
  • Juliana v U. S. Continues
  • Informing the Air Force
  • 15th Annual Gila River Festival
  • Governor Lujan Grisham Makes Good On Her Word
  • We’re Number One!
  • Wild and Scenic Rivers

Fall 2018

  • Mission Not Yet Accomplished
  • Approaching the End of the Tunnel
  • Children’s Water Festival and the Healing Power of Nature
  • Nuestro Gila
  • Wild About Wilderness
  • Gila River Festival: 14 Years
  • Gila Wild and Scenic River Designation
  • The Good Work Continues
  • Thinking ON a Mountain: An Update
  • Let Our Nation’s Youth Be Heard

Spring 2018

  • The Heat Is On—and You Can Help Turn It Down
  • F-16s Over the Gila
  • Springtime Santa: Apply Here
  • The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same
  • Gila Forest Plan Revision
  • Restoring the River
  • Trust Our Children 1
  • Earth Day 2018
  • Who Are All These Groups  ith “Gila” in Their Names?!